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Daryn DeZengotita is a coworking consultant, specializing in church buildings and other public spaces. She was the founder of The Mix Coworking & Creative Space at White Rock UMC in Dallas. Daryn was also a founding member of The Grove Coworking, Dallas and is an active participant in the Global Coworking Unconference. Recently, Daryn was recognized as one of 80 Innovative Community Leaders and invited to attend an organizing conference at Harvard Divinity School. Her passion is to create spaces where folks can connect with each other and connect to their passion. In the coworking movement, it's called Accelerated Serendipity. Daryn likes to call that "Tuesday."

With 35 years of experience in public relations and marketing, Daryn is an adequate graphic designer, a pretty good writer and a spectacular editor. She's always side-gigging for social media campaigns, basic graphics and really basic websites. 

Why "Scatterbrain" ???

Scatterbrain is here to help you do more with more. We will review and promote apps and sites and techniques and gadgets. There will be stuff about coworking, and liberal politics, and progressive religion, and social media, and residential solar power, and being a queer mom, and maybe some other stuff.

Scatterbrain. You know who you are.

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