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The FIVE core values of Coworking:

Comm­unity  |  Open­ness  |  Collab­oration  |  Sus­tain­ability  |  Accessibility.

Why become a member of ScatterBrain Coworking?

  • You love the idea of coworking, but it's out of your budget range right now.
  • You love the idea of coworking, but can't commit to going to a certain place daily - your schedule just doesn't work that way.
  • You're not sure you love the idea of coworking, but you want to know what the big deal is.
  • You're a fan of Daryn's and want to help her have a sustainable business. (Love you, too!)
  • Plus these perks:
  • Snap! $25/month
    • An facilitated online community group to connect throughout the week
    • A monthly 1:1 session
    • A quarterly whiteboard check-in
    • Free check-ins to pop-up coworking
  • Crackle! $70/ 3 monthsAll the benefits of the monthly plan with a little price break and . . . A quarterly showcase of your business! Facilitate the day, make your pitch or get group collaboration.
  • Pop! $140 / 6 months
    All the benefits of the quarterly plan with a bigger price break and . . . Sponsorship! Including home page presence, blog feature, and more.

Our Table Coworking Partners:

Learn more about Justin Nygren the Social Impact space where it all began -  The Grove

Big Love to Amy King as she counts down the days til the opening of GoodWork

If you are in Oak Cliff, you need to meet Anastasia Munoz and become part of the vision of Arts Mission Oak Cliff.

It's one day a week, but it's a start! Decelerator with Ken Crawford at historic Central Christian Church of Dallas.

Our signature space in East Dallas at historic White Rock UMC, The Mix Coworking & Creative Space.

Where Katey Rudd makes everything grow . . . Haw Creek Commons in Asheville, NC.

Our Coworking Movement Partners:

These are the CrazyAmazing Humans who help us look up from the Daily Tasks and check out the Big Picture.

The Diva Herself, Liz Elam of Link Coworking in Austin and producer of the Global Coworking Unconference Conference. (It's "Juicy.")

The Coworkaholic Extraordinaire, Mike LaRosa of Communitas an producer of QTLY gatherings. Here he is being super smart and two years ahead of everything.

New Work Cities' Tony Bacigalupo. When Daryn tells the story about how coworking started in an apartment in Brooklyn, she's talking about this guy. Now he's offering Big Brain Space to the question of what will make it punk rock in version 2.0.

Last December, Daryn was invited to join a cohort at Harvard Divinity School (wha?) gathered by Casper TerKuile & Angie Thurston. They are researching the new forms of joyful belonging (like coworking) that are replacing church membership and attendance. Here are their reports.



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