This month, our friends at Every Monday Matters help us to consider the power of Hope.

We have all heard the saying, “When all else fails, there is still hope.” In this sense, hope is that final something to hold on to. This might be true; but we tend to see things a bit differently. We see hope as the first something, where all of life begins. We hope for more peace in the world. We hope for more happiness. We hope for a new friend, a different job, to get healthy. And, from that place of hope, we can then begin to create a plan and take steps towards achieving peace, happiness, or whatever it is that we desire. It gives us that deep optimism that anything is possible, when we simply hope for it and put our faith in what’s possible. So, this month, we are going to be hopeful. What is it that you hope for? Or, to back up one step, do consider yourself a hopeful person? If so, how do you lift yourself up and how do you use hope to lift up others as well? If not, is it fair to say that this might be part of what’s holding you back? Well, trust us… and hope, that this can change. We need to shift our thinking, believe in others, be willing to trust more, and embrace the question, “Why not?” See. We’re already moving the needle. Now let’s really see what can happen. Hope matters.

As part of the EMM movement, we will think about Hope as we set our intentions each day, when we choose TED talks for TED + Tea and when we take time to remind each other that we are not alone.

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